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Roof Plans and
Measurement Report

When the Roof plans are lost or missing, when the building is too ancient, or if for any reason the measurements of the roof need to be recovered, it is possible to recreate them with 99.8% accuracy within a few hours.

The process is based on aerial photogrammetry.

1 - We program our drone to fly autonomously in a scanning fashion over the roof, taking as many as necessary (sometimes hundreds) geotagged  pictures.

2 - The collected data is processed through a dedicated program to create an ultra high resolution picture that will be the base of all calculations.

3 - The report is produced, showcasing new roof plans and detailed measurements, including surface areas, lengths, pitch, slopes, perimeter and edge measurement for all the parts of the roof.


The cloud generated Roof Measurement Report, fully detailed, available within hours, can be used for many purposes by property managers, surveyors, insurers and roofers, for example in a project of tiles replacement, full roof replacement, for insurance report or dispute or solar panels installation.


The cost of the operation is ridiculously low compared to the manned measurement of the roof, removing the need for installing scaffolding, the danger to work at height and the time spent on the whole process of producing the report.  

Please see below this complete roof measurement report  delivered the next day of the survey with this technology.

Plan horizontal.jpg
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