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Solar panels and wind turbine against bl

We have the tools.....

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Flying Time 30 minutes

1 Inch Sensor - 20mp Stills
H 265 4K Video at  100Mbp/Sec

Full control over camera.

Mission: Hi Res Photo/Video - Mapping

Flying time 31mm

1/ 2/3 inch Sensor, 4K Video, 12MP Photo

 249 grams. Extremely versatile. Operates anywhere.

Light, small and discrete aircraft

Missions: Indoor & Outdoor Surveys and inspections

Inspire 2
Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
Mavic 2 Zoom
Matrice 210

Multi camera Lifter X4S/X5S/X30/XT2

Industrial Grade Inspection Drone

Flying Time up to 38 minutes

Water Resistant IP43

Mission: Industrial, Thermal inspections and surveys

Multi camera Lifter X5S/X7

Flying Time 25 minutes

1/2 Inch MFT  and Super 35 sensor

Up to 6K Apple Prores & Cine DNG Video

Mission: Corporate filming to full Aerial cinematography

What is your project ?


Flying time 27mm

1/ 2/3 inch Sensor, 4K Video, 12MP Photo

Optical zoom 2X Digital Zoom 2X

Light, small and discrete aircraft

Missions: Indoor & Outdoor Surveys and inspections

Mini 2

Flying time 46mm

Hasselblad M43 Sensor, 5.1K Video, 20MP Photo

Optical zoom 7X Digital Zoom 4X

Latest and most advanced DJI Drone as Nov. 2021

Missions: Indoor & Outdoor  Cinema and inspections

Mavic 3


One drone fits all tasks doesn't exist yet, so we try to supply the most appropriate equipment to fulfil your drone requirements. Some drones are specifically dedicated to aerial cinematography, aerial photography, others will be better at drone roof surveys or industrial inspections, such as bridge inspections, powerlines or wind turbines inspections, and finally other models will be used preferably for mapping and 3d modelling  from orthophotography.

At Camfly Films, we have a choice of cameras and drone platforms able to cover all aspects of aerial photography, providing the best results with the relevant equipment.

Also, safety is always paramount and we can choose what drone to use in relation with the task and its location, for example when operating in high density population areas, congested areas, while preserving the safety of uninvolved people and property.

Camfly Films Ltd holds an OSC Operational Authorisation to operate our high end professional drones at 10 meters from uninvolved people, properties, vehicles, vessels and structures, in central London and all congested areas.

Because of this special and very unique permission, we can provide legally a better service than the majority of the competition while keeping safe people and property and their occupants, using this extended permission we received from the CAA.

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