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3D Terrain Mapping

3D Modelling

3D Modelling 

Digital model representation of structures and terrain
3D modelling from drone photography

CamFly films approach to aerial surveying using drones and photogrammetry imaging allows us to access 3D modeling through our set of applications.

By using aerial photography with drones taking the appropriate number of aerial pictures from a site, at the appropriate angle, we can build the animated 3D models below.

Being able to manipulate the 3D representation of a site or object of any size for that matter, may lead to further considerations on the exploitation of the targetted subject.

Many industries such as mining, public and private construction, architecture and archaeology, may find it useful to obtain 3D models of their projects.
The integration of a 3D animation can also be considered to be added to a visual presentation of a project.

3D modeling is not a matter of computer design only and can be achieved with great results through photogrammetry techniques.

Ours is quite straightforward and doesn't involve numerous personnel or equipment, is relatively fast to operate without disturbing activities on the ground.

All pictures taken on-site are uploaded and treated on a cloud-based workstation returning the model, ready to export in different file formats:

Geotiff: Available for all 2D layers: 2D Map, Elevation, Digital Terrain Model, and Plant Health

DXF/SHP: For use in AutoDesk suite and Mining/Construction software.

OBJ: Digital Model. .obj surface with .jpg texture files model.

LAS Point Cloud: Can be used in AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Global Mapper, Applied Imagery, or similar software.

XYZ Point Cloud: Most common file format accepted across Construction/Mining software formats.

RCP File Export: AutoCad Specific File

3D Model from Photogrammetry

Below is a brilliant example of 3D modelling from photogrammetry.

We used our 1"sensor drone and 24mm lens, able to take overlapping geo-tagged pictures in nadir and oblique orientation. 

The drone was flying autonomously above and around the building, taking over 400 pictures  of this mansion to create a complete roof survey and report. The data was later converted to 3D model and animated in this video.

Aerial drone view of Seaford college
Aerial view of Seaford College

This animation was created within our computers and all parameters of speed, orientation, resolution and length set up freely. It is therefore possible to imagine any animation path for your project.

Enfield-Council (2).png
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