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Solar panels and wind turbine against bl

We have the tools.....


Flying Time 30 minutes

1 Inch Sensor - 20mp Stills
H 265 4K Video at  100Mbp/Sec

Full control over camera.

Mission: Hi Res Photo/Video - Mapping

Flying time 27mm

1/ 2/3 inch Sensor, 4K Video, 12MP Photo

Optical zoom 2X Digital Zoom 2X

Light, small and discrete aircraft

Missions: Indoor & Outdoor Surveys and inspections

Inspire 2
Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
Mavic 2 Zoom
Matrice 210

Multi camera Lifter X4S/X5S/X30/XT2

Industrial Grade Inspection Drone

Flying Time up to 38 minutes

Water Resistant IP43

Mission: Industrial, Thermal inspections and surveys

Multi camera Lifter X5S/X7

Flying Time 25 minutes

1/2 Inch MFT  and Super 35 sensor

Up to 6K Apple Prores & Cine DNG Video

Mission: Corporate filming to full Aerial cinematography

What is your project ?

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