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We strive to deliver the best aerial photography service, expressing our creativity by finding the best shot, the smoothest and inspired camera moves, highlighting your story with a stunning frame composition or following strictly the instructions of the toughest brief.
30+Years of experience in the film industry will always make a difference when it comes to operating the deepest settings of a camera, finding the perfect angle and going beyond the client's expectations.


We deliver Raw Aerial footage and Stills, or edited as requested by the client, but we are also able to provide a complete production, including “on the ground” footage, professionally cut and graded with music, titles, VFX, voice over and motion graphics.

On the ground, we use cameras such as the full frame 35mm Sony A7 or GH5s and a vast array of lenses allowing us to capture technical and artistic imagery,  time lapses, construction progress monitoring as well as property photography and video, internal and external, and 360 degrees virtual tours, getting the best of their stunning colour depth and high bitrate producing an out of this world video quality.

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Why choosing us?

You can trust us to accompany you all the way on this creative journey. We will be focused on your requirements at every step of the process and will bring our sensitivity and experience where and if required. No need to limit our collaboration to Drone photography (and video), Camfly films Ltd is a one stop shop for all media production, working at the highest standards and we can’t wait to discuss your next project with you.

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Committed to deliver beyond expectation

What do you want to shoot?

We are specialists in Aerial Drone Photography and aerial filming services in London and UK for a variety of sectors of activity, such as:

Sports and Events, Public and private construction, cutting edge architecture, aerial photogrammetry and mapping, Industrial and structural inspections, drone roof surveys and for any client in need of professional, on the ground video production, drone photography and cinematography.


We have been involved in many aerial property photography and filming, all types of aerial surveys and inspections, construction progress monitoring, aerial Facade inspections, and  drone roof surveys for a vast array of customers, Insurers, Surveyors, Contractors, Roofers, Property developers and managers, Estate agents and new home buyers checking their future purchase before committing.


We have also been operating our drones all around the country, at sea and in city centres for advertising, the tourism industry, corporate customers, and been hired as drone operator by councils for land mapping and to bring aerial photography evidence in court cases. We are also producing stock aerial footage for clients all over the world.

Drone Photography (and Video)
in London


We are specialists in Drone Photography in London and all over the UK. Our expertise has been used in many projects, from inspections to TV News, drone roof surveys or construction photography. We are flying our state of the art drones indoor and outdoor, enabling the perfect shot, the smoothest camera movement and the highest picture quality, by day and by night.


We are operating the DJI range of modern aircrafts, such as the famous Inspire 2, equipped with 4K, 6K and Super 35mm sensors, recording in Apple Prores and Cine DNG Raw video, to produce the perfect picture for your production, be it fictional, corporate or for aerial data collection.

We also incorporated the new Mavic 3, placing the bar a step higher and delivering superior video quality, powerful zooming capabilities, improved stability and longer time in the air.

With 8 years of experience in drone photography and video, our expertise is second to none. We are known for the quality of our work and awarded one of the top 10 drone operators in London.


Meet the Fleet !

DJI Matrice M210

Multi camera Lifter X4S/X5S/X30/XT2

Industrial Grade Inspection Drone

Flying Time up to 38 minutes

Water Resistant IP43

Mission: Industrial, Thermal inspections and surveys,

Search and Rescue

Inspire 2

Multi camera Lifter X5S/X7

Flying Time 25 minutes

1/2 Inch and Super 35 sensor

Up to 6K Raw Video

Mission: Corporate filming to full aerial cinematography


Phantom 4 Pro V2

Flying Time 30 minutes

1 Inch Sensor - 20mp Stills
H 265 4K 100Mbp/Sec

Full control over camera.

Mission: Hi Res Photo/Video

Mavic 2 ent.png

Mavic 2 Zoom

Flying time 27mm

1/ 2/3 inch Sensor

Optical zoom 2X Digital Zom 2X

Missions: Indoor & OutdoorSurveys

Mavic 3.png

DJI Mavic 3 

The latest and best compact drone ever.

5.1K UHD Video

21MP Photo on M43 Sensor

27X Zoom (Optical+ Digital)

46mn Flying time

Missions: High quality video capture on a budget

Mission : Photo/Cine  et precision inspections.

DJI Mini 2

The Baby: 250gr !!!

Flying time 35mm indoor and outdoor

Good photo and video performance in good lighting conditions.

Handy toy to use in confined spaces and sensitive areas. 

Missions: Indoor & Outdoor Surveys and data collection.


Call us to discuss your project, we will be delighted to help, answer your questions and propose answers adapted to your needs and budget. For us, there is no task too small or to big and we will always adapt to what is expected from us. 

Call us now on 0207 175 4149 for a chat or Request an instant quote for your project. Thanks!

Drone photography of Tower bridge
Drone Photgraphy of workforc celbrating
Drone Photography of Damaged roof
Drone photographyof Seaford College

Aerial  Photography and Video have always brought a huge Plus to any production. This is why Camfly Films has been using helicopters in the past, every time the client budget allowed it.

Nowadays, such imagery is possible using drone technology and is available to any production while contributing to give this professional look to any film.

Camfly films uses drones since 2014, actually since 3 Axis controlled gimbals have been able to stabilise cameras efficiently, allowing amazing aerial photography and video shots, shots to be integrated to corporate projects and independent film, filling the gap with high end productions keeping on using helis for their aerial work.

We can say we were already there filming and photographing when this little big revolution came up, and we applied immediately our experience in using cameras to this new segment of the market.

Today we have acquired the piloting skills and maturity necessary to succeed at creating high quality aerial photography and video, and our experience in drone photography will make the difference in picture quality, creativity and safety of operations.

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As a professional drone operator, flying drones in London and all major cities in the UK is challenging due to many restricted flying zones and congested areas, and we work hard to comply with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) permissions and exemption to bring safety to persons and property during all our drone operations.

Safety and reliability is essential to us and we are proud holders of the Constructions skills certification scheme card (CSCS) and members of Drone Safe Register to show our clients our commitment to excellence in our line of work.

Camfly Films Ltd holds an OSC Operational Authorisation to operate our High End, full size professional drones at 10 meters from uninvolved people, properties, vehicles, vessels and structures, in central London and all congested areas.

Thanks to this extended and very unique permission from the CAA, delivered to the assessed and proven safest drone operators in the UK,  we can provide legally a better service than the majority of the competition while keeping safe people and property and their occupants.

Of course we are professionally insured, our policy complying with the Insurance Requirements for Air Carriers and Air Operators Regulation (EC) 785/2004, we are covered by an Employer’s liability and a Public Liability up to £5M for your peace of mind. (and ours.)