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Drone Photography London & UK
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CamFly Films is registered with  the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) under PFCO ID 754 and fully insured with liability up to 5M

We hold a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Certification to visit and access building sites, so you can rely on trained, qualified and experienced experts on your site. 



Looking for Drone Photography?

Here at Camfly Films, this is precisely what we do! 

With 30 years experience in Aerial Photography and Cinematography, we have acquired the ultimate skills that allow us to go above and beyond to match your requirements.

Drone Photography is getting out of its infancy and drones are now incredibly stable and safe, allowing the perfect shot, the smoothest camera movement

and the highest picture quality. Equipped with 4K, 6K and Super 35mm sensors to produce the perfect cutaway for your production, be it fictional, corporate or pure data collection.

Our Drone Pilots and Camera Operators are qualified and approved by the CAA for commercial operations and know how to provide you with the Video footage or the unique aerial picture you're after. Every time.

Drone photography of Tower bridge
Drone Photography of Damaged roof
Drone Photgraphy of workforc celbrating
Droe photographyof Seaford College
Drone Photography Gallery 1

elevated views


We are specialists in Aerial Drone Photography services for a variety of sectors, such as:

Sports and Events, Public and private construction, Ancient buildings and cutting edge architecture, archaeology, aerial photography mapping, Industrial and structural inspections, and any client in need of professional, high resolution aerial Photography.

Our drones fly up to 400 feet to deliver the drone photography you are looking for.

30+Years experience in the industry will always make a difference when it comes to operate the camera, in the air or on the ground, finding the perfect angle and going beyond the client's expectations.

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