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Drone Cinematography in London and UK

We are specialists in Aerial videography with drones since 2014, delivering creative content up to 5.1K Ultra High Definition. Clocking many years of experience in drone filming for Corporate Video Production, TV News and live events, we are confident that we will fulfill your expectations in terms of picture quality, visual creativity, and thanks to our extended range of drones and cameras, offer the best choice of filming equipment to suit your project and budget.

Camfly films is based in London and gained experience in Aerial filming by working from helicopters. Drones in comparison are way more flexible and easier to operate at any useful altitude, or down to a few inches of the ground, unlike helis that would blow away everything underneath.

Our professional pilots and camera operators, not only able to film autonomously, are deeply involved in the Video Production industry and will be able to work seamlessly with any Cine or TV crew, understanding immediately what is expected from us and being able to go above and beyond if necessary and appropriate.

Drone videography includes also data collection for surveys and inspections, and we work continuously with the Construction Industry, filming building deliveries, CGI Integration videos, conducting roof and facade scanning, or construction progress.

Drones, in general, are designed to capture imagery of the ground for multiple purposes: Photography, film, and video, and this is our role to make it widely available for our customers.

We have a large range of DJI drones available and waiting to work for you, such as Matrice 210 for industrial purposes, Inspire 2 for Cine and Video Purposes, Mavic 3 Pro for all missions, Mini 3 Pro for indoor drone filming or sensitive outdoor locations, thanks to its small size and ultra-lightweight.

Pease call us  and let's discuss your project, we have many drone filming packages and options to offer to turn it to success at a price that will suit your budget.

Camfly Films Ltd holds an OSC Operational Authorisation to operate our High-End professional drones at 10 meters from uninvolved people, properties, vehicles, vessels and structures, in central London and all congested areas.

Safe and Legal, we are fully qualified and licensed, insured with up to £10M public liability, and granted a Standard and Extended Operational Authorisation by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) ID: UAS754.

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