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Drone Indoor Flying

Flying a drone indoors is one of the many services Camfly films is offering. Drone indoor flying provide a very unique point of view of your home interior or workspace, filming in 4K Ultra High Definition with an unrivalled stability and position accuracy.

Drone indoor flying gives excellent results with property walk through and completes beautifully any corporate video, enabling amazing camera movements and angles.

As usual, safety is paramount  and we use caged and propellers protected mini drones to avoid damage to any equipment, people or property in the operation zone.

We are also fully insured with PL 5M just like when operating in open air.

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CamFly Films is registered with  the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) since 2014 under PFCO ID 754 and holds an OSC (Operating safety case allowing us to fly at reduced distances of 10m from anything, permission to fly up to 600ft and beyond line of sight.

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We hold a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Certification to visit and access building sites, so you can rely on trained, qualified and experienced experts on your site.

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Company Reg: 9211505

VAT Reg: 220 9583 14