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Drone Mapping for Surveys and Inspections

The Technique

Thanks to great accuracy in drones navigation systems, computing performance and onboard photographic sensors, aerial photogrammetry by drone is highly performant and allows for precision drone mapping, whatever the size of the terrain.

Cheaper than using manned aircraft, drone mapping provide professional grade aerial surveys and inspections, enabling precision measurement of distances, surface areas and volumes, as well as centimetre detailed imaging.


Drone mapping also allows to easily create 3D models that can be rotated over 360 degrees on all axis to achieve a unique point of view of the photographed buildings, artwork, structures, quarries, bridges, roads etc... 

CamFly Films uses frequently aerial drone mapping for surveys and inspections for many sectors of activity such as:

Construction - Agriculture - Landscaping - Roofing - Insurance claims - Solar - Mining - Energy - Telecommunications...

Please check the real life examples below and see how the technique can apply to your project.

drone mappig of lanscape
Measuring Distances, Surfaces, Volumes, Elevation
Drone mapping on building
drone mapping of roof
dron maping for building elevation

The tools we use in drone mapping

CamFly films trust DJI quadcopters for their stability and reliability, speed and battery life, featuring High resolution  20Mp camera sensors, shooting 4K video and Raw stills.

On the software side we use “Dronedeploy" applications for their high quality results, ease of use in the field for mission planning and execution, share and export capabilities to industry standard program such as AutoCAD.

This is an example of Before/After situation related to tree cutting.Taking and stitching together Geo tagged pictures allowed to match Google Earth maps and proceed to compare terrain changes. The coloured visualisation of the zone helps to show clearly the deforested land.

2D Drone Mapping Survey

In order to get a high definition aerial picture of the area, allowing to zoom in to cm scale details, we fly the drone at low altitude (40m in the example below) following a pre-defined path, taking automatically pictures of the zone. The application then reconstructs the whole area, providing an ultra high resolution scalable picture available in geotiff, jpeg, and pdf, las, xyz, dxf/shp, obj, rcp.

Drone Mapping process

The size of the area is virtually unlimited and can be fragmented in several sessions if necessary. Drone mapping provide useful information in Construction, Agriculture, mining, Solar, and all sectors of surveying and inspections. It is also faster, more cost effective and safer than manned surveys. 

Drone aerial mapping allows to show the whole area and on demand access to details that would be impossible to evaluate on a conventional aerial picture

CamFly films can also operate drone mapping for smaller areas, construction site, warehouse, commercial and industrial  roofing, making measurements of distances, surfaces, volumes, elevation, and share the results in real time with the client off site.

Below is an example of 2D drone mapping. Such accuracy in the details is only achievable through photogrammetry techniques, suggesting here many possible purposes for an aerial drone site survey.

drone mapping of racing track
Enfield-Council (2).png