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  • Property Photography

  • 360° Virtual Tours

  • Aerial and Ground Filming

  • Floor Plans

  • 3D Doll House

Property Photography

Camfly Films has been filming and photographing properties since1991. Thanks to today's technology, we can offer many ways to show

luxury property for sale or rent and produce a much bigger impact on the potential buyer.

We create stunning aerial videos and photography by drone, 360° Virtual tours that you can visualize anywhere in the world from your mobile phone or any virtual reality goggles, and Interior and exterior 4K video footage using gimbals or indoor flying drones allowing for the best visual experience, as well as floor plans and 3D doll houses

Property photography & Filming

Using Drones orbiting around the main point of interest, visiting the park, or even flying inside the house, operating stabilised camera gimbals to explore smoothly the interior of the house, no filming technique will be left aside when it is about showcasing a property from its best perspective.

Indoor Video Tour

Externally or internally, we will bring the same level of care when filming to bring the stunning experience of a professional video tour to the viewer, highlighting the luxury of the place as well as choosing the best way to film it, from the right angle, with the right camera lens and paying attention to the tiniest detail.

We are also equipped to fly safely inside, bringing a unique visual experience to the viewer.

Property photography

Creating professional Property photography of your house with an eye for each detail and highlighting all the features of the property.

360° Virtual Tours

We create professional 360 Virtual Tours "a la Matterport" enabling a virtual visit of the property inside out. The process is very light to organise and the shooting completed within 2 to 3 hours only. The whole 3D virtual tour is available within 48 hours and can be embedded in any website.

Please Check it Now!

3D Dool House

All our 360 Virtual Tours have a doll house feature embedded as standard. This is a great way to have an overall look at the distribution of the rooms and a better guess at the real size of the rooms. It bring also an extra level of sophistication to real estate photography . You can see each floor separately or as a complete house.


Floor Plans

It is a great advantage to be able to produce  floor plans of the property, included in the 360 virtual tours floor by floor, at no extra cost.

In the absence of plans being available, the client will be happy to find them here and have a look a the measurements of each room, figuring how to organise the space in their future home.

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