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Our Drone Roof Surveys Service

Whether you need imagery of your roof to estimate repairs, produce a flat roof condition report to your insurance company, locate a possible water ingress, Camfly Films Ltd will answer all your requests with a fast turnover, and professional result at a fair price.

Drone roof surveys are now in high demand. Our Camera drones are equipped with high-resolution photographic sensors making drone roof surveys safer, faster, and cheaper to operate at any height or environmental conditions.

Chimney stack

Independence and Integrity

We have no ties whatsoever to any roofer or builder and our reports will never be biased by the idea of possible profit carrying out repairs or maintenance on the surveyed roof.


This is the reason why we use only professional and Chartered Surveyors to establish our condition and advice reports. 

Who Are We?

We are certified by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and have been operating Drone Roof Surveys and Inspections since 2014 for you and a huge variety of clients such as contractors, property managers, estate agents, and new home buyers.

We inspect and report on the whole condition of the roof, focusing on tiles, gutters, flashings, chimney stacks, dormers, roof lights, outlets and flat felt roofs, and any area that you will mention in your brief.

How do we conduct our roof inspection?

Our Drone Roof Survey method is relying on High-Resolution aerial photography, flying our professional drone close to the roof and framing the tiniest details of its condition. We can even show 1 tile in full screen if necessary! 

There is no limit to the number of pictures we are led to take on site and it is common for us to produce 300 photographs or more depending on your brief and the size of the roof.

We won't miss any detail! No job is too small or too big, we are surveying private residential houses, large estates, warehouses, and public buildings.

Roof Surveys and Inspection Reports

We deliver within 72 Hours following the survey a fully comprehensive Surveyor report, assessing the condition of the roof, tiles, chimney stacks, flashing, felt flat parts, gutters, parapet walls...

All photos are Geotagged for future reference and defects highlighted and magnified for easier analysis.

Damages and defects are sorted out by severity and advice is provided on repairs and maintenance where necessary.

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A few Testimonials from our clients
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Johnatan on 28/11/23

“Thank you very much for your assistance and photos all received. I will get your invoice processed as soon as possible.”

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Gemma on 27/02/23

"Thank you so much, what a great report!"

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Tom on 24/05/23

Stars Test.png

Marc on 14/11/23

“Serge, thank you for a great job. Kind regards”

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Vince on 25/08/23

“Thanks very much for turning this around so quickly Serge. Very much appreciated. 
I hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend. “

Stars Test.png

Gemma on 24/05/23

Yes all received thank you. Great photos and report again, 👌 The invoice is being processed.

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Andres on 15/08/23

“Thanks you, the report and images will be very helpful. I’ll send the invoice to our accounts department to process as soon as possible. “

“Thanks for the speedy turn around, I have emailed this over to accounts.”

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