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Drone Roof Surveys

We are specialists in Roof Inspection and roof survey by Drone in London and UK.
We deliver cheaper, faster, and safer Roof Surveys since 2014.
  • High Resolution  Aerial Drone Photography / Video

  • Detailed Condition of the roof tiles, gutters, chimney stacks, flashings, roof lights...

  • Condition and Advisory Report by RICS independent chartered surveyors

  • Domestic and Commercial Drone roof surveys.

We are based in London and specialists in Drone roof survey. We have operated hundreds of independent roof inspection for surveyors, property managers, estate agents, and new home buyers. We inspect and report on the whole condition of the roof, focusing on tiles, gutters, flashings, chimney stacks, dormers, roof lights, outlets and flat felt roofs, and any area that you will mention in your brief. Our Drone roof inspection method, using precision aerial photography and drone technology is second to none, delivering high-resolution imagery, followed by a detailed and documented RICS independent Surveyor report.

We have no ties to any roofer or builder and our reports will never be biased by the idea of carrying out repairs or maintenance on the surveyed roof. 


We take an unlimited number of high-resolution overlapping close-up pictures of the roof, allowing a comprehensive survey of the condition of its parts, including damaged or missing tiles, chimney stacks, flashings, gutters, roof lights, dormers, outlets, as well as heights of masonry or parapet walls where requested.

No more need for ladders and costly cherry pickers or scaffolding, In total safety from the ground, we can assess any area of the roof, even hidden or inaccessible,  monitoring the roof survey progress from the drone HD video feed, and taking pictures along the way to estimate the works to be carried out.

The client can also see "live" the progress of the survey and validate the pictures taken directly on the control monitor.

Our RICS Chartered Surveyor delivers a full advisory condition report, with a schedule of works and maintenance. ( Optional, please call us for details.)

How do we conduct our roof inspection?

  • Have you got roof leaks or water ingress?

  • Do you need to assess the condition of the roof?

  • Do you need an independent surveyor report for your insurance?

Whether you need imagery of your roof to estimate repairs, produce a flat roof condition report to your insurance company, proceed to measurements to install solar panels on your roof, or for simple control of its condition, we will be able to answer your demands with a fast turnover and  professional result at a fair price.

Drone roof surveys are now in high demand. Our Camera drones are equipped with high-resolution photographic sensors making roof surveys faster, easier to operate while being safer than manned conducted surveys.

We won't miss any detail

​​​As a leading Roof Inspection Company, we own a fleet of professional drones assigned to the different types of roof surveys we are carrying out, from residential roof inspections to large warehouses video and photo surveys. Our drone cameras can zoom in 30X and reveal any defect in the asset we're inspecting.

We have completed many surveys in London and UK for roof surveyors, property management companies, new home buyers, and roofing companies. No job is too small or too big, we are surveying private residential, large estates, warehouses, and public buildings.

Key Points of Aerial Roof Inspection

  • Full access to all areas of the roof, even damaged, inaccessible or presenting health hazards. 

  • No scaffolding,cherry pickers and ladders required

  • Lower costs, lower risks for the personnel involved in the survey

  • Immediately operational.

  • Instant monitoring​

drone aerial view of damaged roof
Chimney stack

Surveyor Report

We deliver within 72Hours following the survey a fully comprehensive Surveyor report, assessing the condition of the roof, tiles, chimney stacks, flashing, felt flat parts, gutters, parapet walls...


All photos are Geotagged for future reference and defects highlighted and magnified for easier analysis.

Damages and defects are sorted out by severity and advice is provided on repairs and maintenance where necessary.

Why choosing us?

You can trust us to accompany you on this journey. We will be focused on your requirements at every step of the process and will bring all our experience and Savoir-Faire to this operation.

Camfly films Ltd is also a one-stop shop for all media production, working at the highest standards and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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