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Manned roof surveys at height can be dangerous and a time-consuming work. Drone roof surveys are proven to be safer, faster and cheaper by just flying up there, taking high resolution pictures and Video to accurately check the condition of the roof from the safety of the ground, be it on a 3 bedrooms terraced house or a vast commercial roof.

CamFly films is specialist in drone roof surveys  of any size in any location, with photogrammetry and Thermal imagery options, providing a Condition and Advisory RICS surveyor report if requested.

Drone view of building

During construction, repeating drone flights help to monitor change over time and update investors and clients on progression of the works.

Aerial site surveys are also useful for surveillance and detection of safety issues


CamFly films use a navigation software able to repeat missions over and over, taking pictures and video of the exact same location, at the same angle and same distance, enabling an easy evaluation of the construction progress.

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Drones provide easier, cheaper and safer solar panels inspections. Being able to spot small damages or malfunction before they get worse will certainly save time and money, not mentioning mitigating the risk for the personnel involved in traditional inspections.

When performing the inspection, our drones using visual and thermal imagery can detect hot or cold spots in the installation and help with preventive maintenance in order to optimize the production...

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There are many places out of reach for humans, be it for health and safety reasons or inaccessibility.

In those cases, drones can be useful for Industrial and Structural Inspections.

CamFly Films is using drones equipped with protective cage and onboard lighting, enabling to fly indoor and outdoor in challenging, dark or complicated environments, underground industrial installations, outdoor structures such as bridges, or industrial roof metal frames, the protective cage allowing the drone to bump in obstacles while mitigating the risk of crash.

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CamFly Films is registered with  the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) since 2014 under PFCO ID 754 and holds an OSC (Operating safety case allowing us to fly at reduced distances of 10m from anything, permission to fly up to 600ft and beyond line of sight.

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We hold a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Certification to visit and access building sites, so you can rely on trained, qualified and experienced experts on your site.

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