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Our Drone Surveys and Inspections Services

Camfly films offers a wide range of drone survey services for the Construction Industry and any client in need of aerial imagery for property managers, developers, project managers, surveyors, contractors and home buyers.

Our fleet of drones, equipped with High-resolution Photo and Video sensors, can deliver crisp sharp imagery of your assets, allowing our Surveyors to establish a comprehensive and accurate condition / Advisory report.

Operating at a professional level in London and all over the UK since 2014, Camfly films has been involved in various styles of drone surveys, from Roof surveys to construction progress, facades surveys, safety assessments of high heights hanging structures, and many more.

We are fully qualified and certified drone operators by the CAA, and insured with a PL of £5M extendable if necessary.


Manned roof surveys at height can be expensive, unsafe and time-consuming work. Roof surveys using drones are proven to be safer, faster, and cheaper by just flying in close proximity of the roof, taking high-resolution pictures and Videos to accurately check the condition of a roof from the safety of the ground, be it on a 2 bedrooms terraced house or a large commercial roof.

CamFly films is a specialist in Aerial Drone Roof Surveys of any size and type, in any location, delivering a detailed and documented Condition and Advisory RICS Chartered Surveyor report.

Windows, Brick pointing and Fabric condition Surveys

When surveying a building, we are frequently asked to extend the survey to the Windows condition, brick pointing, cladding, and general condition of all facades.

Our High-resolution camera drones provide crisp sharp pictures, zoomable to see the tiniest details. 

We are also equipped for vertical mapping, enabling accurate measurements for windows replacement.

Façade Survey - Cladding Inspection

As in many other sectors of the construction industry, the use of Drone technology brings efficiency, speed, and safety to the workers, enabling inspectors and surveyors to assess the condition of the facades from the safety of the ground at literally a fraction of the cost.

When operating a Façade Survey, our professional Drones equipped with High-Definition cameras take crisp sharp, zoomable pictures, that can be shared with other inspectors, surveyors, property managers, stakeholders, and not only the ones present on the scaffolding or using other manned methods of survey.

During construction, GPS Repetitive drone flights help to monitor change over time and update investors and clients on the progression of the works.

Aerial site surveys are also useful for the surveillance and detection of safety issues


CamFly films use navigation software able to repeat missions over and over, taking pictures and video of the exact same location, at the same angle and same distance, enabling an easy evaluation of the construction progress.

Drone view of building

Using  camera drones provides easier, cheaper, and safer solar panel inspections. Being able to spot small damages or malfunctions before they get worse will certainly save time and money, not to mention mitigating the risk for the personnel involved in traditional inspections.

When performing the inspection, our drones using visual and thermal imagery can detect hot or cold spots in the installation and help with preventive maintenance to optimize the production...

Solar Panel Inspection.jpg

There are many places out of reach for humans, be it for health and safety reasons or inaccessibility.

In those cases, drones can be useful for Industrial and Structural Inspections.

CamFly Films is using drones equipped with protective cages and onboard lighting, enabling them to fly indoors and outdoors in challenging, dark or complicated environments, underground industrial installations, outdoor structures such as bridges, or industrial roof metal frames, the protective cage allows the drone to bump in obstacles while mitigating the risk of a crash.

Drones and Safety
Roof Structure.jpg

Camfly Films Ltd holds an OSC Operational Authorisation to fly our high end professional drones at 10 meters from uninvolved people, properties, vehicles, vessels and structures, in central London and all congested areas.

Thanks to this extended permission, we can provide safely and legally the best service available.

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A few Testimonials from our clients
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Johnatan on 28/11/23

“Thank you very much for your assistance and photos all received. I will get your invoice processed as soon as possible.”

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Gemma on 27/02/23

"Thank you so much, what a great report!"

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Tom on 24/05/23

Stars Test.png

Marc on 14/11/23

“Serge, thank you for a great job. Kind regards”

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Vince on 25/08/23

“Thanks very much for turning this around so quickly Serge. Very much appreciated. 
I hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend. “

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Gemma on 24/05/23

Yes all received thank you. Great photos and report again, 👌 The invoice is being processed.

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Andres on 15/08/23

“Thanks you, the report and images will be very helpful. I’ll send the invoice to our accounts department to process as soon as possible. “

“Thanks for the speedy turn around, I have emailed this over to accounts.”

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