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Aerial Thermal Imagery

Aerial thermal imagery of buildings and roofs provide a non-intrusive assessment of their thermal performance.

Our purpose-built drone equipped with dual visible and thermal cameras is the perfect tool to conduct a complete non-intrusive inspection, spotting defects in the surveyed zone, and detecting areas of heat loss or gain, indicating loss of insulation, air or water leakage, possibly structure damage, impossible to materialise by other ways. Thermal imagery helps to confirm quickly and accurately suspicious change of temperature within the same area of the roof and the building, including indicating thermal performance of openings such doors and windows.

Key points of roof aerial thermal assessment:

  • Detecting air leakage and locate areas of heat loss or gain

  • Contributing to the energy assessment of building and roof.

  • Accurately detecting and locating areas of missing or damaged insulation.

Thermal zones from Blue (Colder) to Red (Warmer)

Thermal zones from Blue (Colder) to Red (Warmer)

Cold Air leakage (in Blue)

Defective solar panel cell

Drone surveys are strictly regulated by the CAA (Civil aviation Authority)

Safety for people and property is paramount. Aerial drone surveys can only be operated by a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) certified and authorized drone operator, to comply with legal regulations regarding the use of unmanned aircraft for commercial operations in the UK Airspace. Camfly Films Ltd is CAA certified since 2014, ID754 and fully insured with liability to up to 5M, and more if necessary.

CSCS Card 

We hold a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Certification to visit and access building sites, and each survey comes with a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement. (RAMS)

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CamFly Films is registered with  the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) since 2014 under PFCO ID 754 and holds an OSC (Operating safety case allowing us to fly at reduced distances of 10m from anything, permission to fly up to 600ft and beyond line of sight.

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We hold a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Certification to visit and access building sites, so you can rely on trained, qualified and experienced experts on your site.

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