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Panoramic aerial view of London



We are experienced photographers and comfortable at creating 360° panoramas, with conventional cameras, using DSLR and  dedicated 360° panorama tripod heads, which is the best ever system to create high quality 360° imagery. We use PTgui software app to stitch professionally the pictures and produce stunning results.

In the air the situation is different as we cannot use the tripod to stabilise the camera and comply with the traditional method to take panoramas. Fortunately, our drones have a capability to create stunning 360° panoramas within their photography capture software and produce great aerial 360 panoramas photography.

The 360° imagery below has been created with different cameras, such as a Go pro3+ which has a 170° field of view and is definitely giving excellent results on these indoor 360° pictures, Then a Canon DSLR with a 8mm Fisheye lens for the park and London 360 panoramas, and finally our Phantom 4 ProV2, flying at about 50m of the ground at the Enfield Playing fields This drone is also able to take other types of panoramas, at 180°and little planet.

These examples are talking for themselves and give you an idea of the possibilities offered to create stunning affordable 360° panoramas.

360°Living Room View

360°Kitchen View

360°Park View

A few examples of 360° Panoramas

360° Park View

360°London South bank

360° Aerial Panorama

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