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CamFly Films is registered with  the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) under PFCO ID 754 and fully insured with liability up to 5M

We hold a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Certification to visit and access building sites, so you can rely on trained, qualified and experienced experts on your site. 


Drone Operator London


Aerial view Central London Camfly Films Ltd
Drone Surve

CamFly Films Ltd is a leading  CAA certified Drone operator based in London since 2014. We provide professional Aerial drone photography and cinematography services in London and anywhere the UK.


​From gorgeous cinematic aerial filming to industrial drone surveys, mapping services, drone roof inspections and reports , we provide bespoke drone services based on our flying experience, equipment, industry knowledge and clients expectations.

We have been involved in many technical drone surveys for the construction industry, filming daily work progress, 

assessing safety issues or carrying out drone roof surveys for property management, estate agents and surveyors.


We also offer Aerial thermal Imaging, photogrammetry services, orthophotography, drone mapping featuring distances, elevation, surface area and volumes measurements, as well as 3D modelling from aerial photography.


With 30 years experience in Film/TV industry, CamFly Films Ltd is equipped and qualified to deliver a full video production package including filming, editing, VFX, motion graphics, voice over and music, for fiction, corporate video or advertising in 4K and Full HD, ready for broadcasting, streaming, or embedded in your website.


Please call us or request a call back to talk about your next Aerial Drone photography or cinematography project



aerial Central London

CamFly Films is based in London. We are used to fly in tight spaces and congested areas. Rules and flight restrictions for drone operations are numerous in London, and we work closely with the CAA to fulfil clients expectations while putting safety first for people and property.

Aerial photography and Aerial filming used to be reserved to national and international events. Thanks to drones,

always improving performance, safety and picture quality, any event, public or private can have its own aerial coverage at a fraction of a cost of using a traditional aircraft.

Camfly films is specialised in Aerial Photoraphy and aerial cinematography  Services. Aerial surveys and inspections are a part of our skills, helping our clients to save on time and costs compared to a manned survey. Aerial surveys are useful for problem solving or insurance disputes purpose.

Roof Survey

It is mostly faster, cheaper and safer to use a drone to conduct a roof survey.

No more need for ladders and scaffolding, whatever the size, the pitch or the height of the building, our drones can access any part of the roof and provide high resolution pictures of the damage. 

Daily aerial surveys and  inspection by drone allowed our client to show the investors the progression of the works and gather data on methods and possible issues.

Our industrial drone is equipped with an integrated Radiometric FLIR Thermal Sensor to detect and expose what is not visible to human eye. Particularly useful for roof and building surveys where it clearly shows leaks, insulation damage or breaches in the structure leading to loss or gain of heat. Accurate measurements by spotmeter and area range measurement

Our Real Estate photography services includes Aerial and on the ground Panoramas, a great tool for property developers and estate agents. They add an incredible value  to the service proposed to the clients, and help saving precious time for both sellers and buyers.

Our imagery solution help to capture every corner of a room in the same picture, from the floor to the ceiling, fly over the property, and convert it in a 3D model rotating on command in any direction.

Using photogrammetry techniques, computer  applications and high resolution imaging,

Camfly Films provides Aerial 2D and 3D mapping  services by drone, delivering accurate site surveys and inspections whatever your activity. One off or recurring survey, parking activity monitoring, Progress of construction works, large scale roofing inspections, Structural inspection, crop control, any corporation might find a reason to use high precision imagery of their site.

This animation was created  from 400 aerial pictures of a real life building. The model was then reconstructed in our computers, the animation path created and converted to video.


Using mapping techniques, we can measure all parts of  a roof, distances, pitch, surfaces, edges etc and create a full report for the client, with accuracy up to 99.4%

drawing plans from Aerial mapping

As a part of the report, we deliver plans  and measurements of the roof, particularly useful to evaluate costs for insurance purpose, identify areas or Solar panels installation planning.

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