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Construction Photography

Camfly Films is specialist in construction site photography. Operating from drones, equipped with High Resolution sensors, we can provide superb quality 4K video and photography and help monitoring and sharing the construction progress of a project, essential to keep stakeholders and customers updated. 

The drone can be flown manually and focus on any designated point of interest, allowing close-ups and wide aerial visuals of the construction site in its entirety, otherwise impossible to get unless using a manned aircraft at prohibitive costs.

The flight can also be autonomous, the drone being programmed to take the pictures at the same coordinates, altitude and angle, to generate consistent professional progress reports.


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Aerial Construction Site survey
Aerial Construction Site survey

Drone Survey of a construction site

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Aerial Construction Site survey
Aerial Construction Site survey

Drone Survey of a construction site

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100 Days Construction Progress Monitoring

Benefits of using Drones in Construction

  • Data collection: Not only monitoring construction progress, drones can provide mapping services, 3D modelling of the entire construction site as well as accurate measurements of distances, surface area, volume calculations and evaluation of assets.


  • Costs: Construction site photography by drone has been a game-changer with an average cost of £250 to £350 per session versus thousands for manned operations. This has enabled  the use of aerial photography in a wider range of projects. 

  • Accessibility: Drones can scan sweep a construction site in matter of minutes regardless of its size, location and type of terrain

  • Safety: As we repeat it all over our website, the use of drones on construction sites is safer than conducting any manned survey or inspection at heights, including those that usually required classic manned aircraft use.


Aerial construction site photography and video allow to monitor and document the construction progress from early stages throughout to completion, helping to keep a visual record of the evolution of the site, detecting possible safety issues, providing a visual record of the assets, and demonstrating the developers ability to run a safe and organised construction site.

CamFly films Ltd provide a continuous construction progress monitoring by flying repeatedly at the exact same locations, taking pictures and video allowing comparisons over time.

This video is the result of a decision made at the early stage of planning to film a 360° video of the site at every visit. 

Camfly Films Ltd holds an OSC Operational Authorisation to fly our high end professional drones at 10 meters from uninvolved people, properties, vehicles, vessels and structures, in central London and all congested areas.

Because of this special and very unique permission, we can provide legally a better service than the majority of the competition while keeping safe people and property and their occupants, using this extended permission we received from the CAA.

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